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Whatever, Book - you're more 'Reefer Madness!' than '1984'

The Circle - Dave Eggers

I *want* to read '1984' for the Facebook era - I want someone to write a biting, insightful and chilling cautionary tale about the death of personal privacy by powerful corporate interests and human complacency. I am that choir that Dave Eggers is preaching to.


The Circle is not it.


It had all these great basic ingredients, and tons of prime potential, but just such shallow, lightweight results. Unsubtle and overlong, with no tension and every plot point visible from space. If the incredibly un-sexy, cringe-inducing sex scenes (dr b breaks it down at Book Riot ) were edited out, The Circle could be a book I'd hand my 10 year old nephew to read.


The artwork for the cover - Fantastic :] It earned the book a whole rating star on its own.


I get that the author doesn't use social media and didn't research them for his book, and that's all good - didn't stop William Gibson from imagining 'the Matrix' or 'cyberspace' when he wrote Neuromancer on a manual typewriter back in the pre-Interwebs day - but from handling of the book's Big Metaphor, I'm guessing he doesn't watch Shark Week either.


I'm snagging Book Riot's Buy/Borrow/Bypass system, and giving this one a weak Borrow,