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".. pronounced the tawny haired girl."

The Bastard - John Jakes

Oh my god, it's full of epithets. It's all 'the taller Frenchman' announcing his arrival, 'the younger lady' sobbing her despair. Given names and 'said', writers - so much less distracting.


And apparently I was an easily scandalized 12 year old - the sexy parts are oh so very tame. Guessing I hadn't come across any Jacqueline Susann at this point. (She's going on the list of re-reads, oh yeah.)


Still, it's a pretty fun journey into my reading past. Most of the characters are like I remember them, and it's a quick page-turner. Some of the history is a little *hand wave*y, but I can live with that. And hey there Overdrive - you have the whole series.


So yeah - maybe 'Valley of the Dolls' up next on my old paperback tour. I do have a 50% Kobo code (AFS50) - be a shame to waste it.